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IDLA 2015 Prairieland EXPO ~ New Hands-on Training!  

New in 2015 . . . join Kristi Neff, DENTSPLY on Saturday, January 10th from 10:45am – 12:45pm for a Hands-on Training. This training is limited to 15 attendees so sign-up today!


Trubyte Lingualized Tooth Set-up Program is a presentation and hands-on program to learn the many options of lingualized occlusal schemes with Trubyte posterior teeth. Each participant will set-up 33/0 degree Trubyte posterior teeth using Lingualized Occlusion. Tooth position and anatomical wax contouring to restore natural appear and improve functional efficiency is emphasized.


Register Today! Call Karen Woods at 319.265.4255 or Email her at Karen@creativeoccasions.net.




Jessica Scott, CDT

IDLA President